Mindful March - Kindness and Compassion

A core component of Mindfulness is about exploring kindness and compassion - with self, those in our immediate circles and with the larger community.  It is also central to the Adlerian approach that we use at the ACCG. Whether in our work with individuals learning to apply self-compassion in their own lives, with couples working to strengthen their partnership or within families working to live and teach those values with their children, kindness and compassion are vital to all healthy relationships and building broader social interest. 

Loving Kindness Practice helps us cultivate four qualities of love: friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy and engaged equanimity.  It fosters these qualities of love and acceptance towards ourselves and others and helps to interrupt old negative patterns of thinking with new positive, warm and caring ones.

Here are a few Mindfulness resources with a focus on Kindness and Compassion:

What is Loving Kindness practice and how to in 4 steps.

How to Practice Loving-Kindness - Lion's Roar

Where does compassion come from by Sharon Salzberg 

Where Does Compassion Really Come From? - YouTube

 Living loving kindness by Sharon Salzberg

Watch as Sharon Salzberg teaches "Street Loving-kindness" - Lion's Roar

How to help my children with meditation…example by teacher in school

3-Minute Compassion Meditation for Children and Families - YouTube

Additional Mindfulness and Self Compassion Resources

Shannon Balla