Mindful March - Why Practice Mindfulness?

In honour of Love Your Brain's Mindful March campaign , we will be posting a number of resources this month to explore how mindfulness can enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being and our relationships with self and others.

Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention to the present moment just as it is and without judgement.  By focusing our attention on the now, we experience life more fully.  We pay attention to what is happening inside – our thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  We become aware when our thoughts and feelings may be stuck in the past or into the future. When we are not aware of our thoughts and actions – living mindlessly - a barrier between us and what is really happening before us is created. This barrier can cause us unnecessary suffering. 

Watch a brief video of Mindfulness Expert Jon Kabat-Zinn describing Mindfulness:

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a great complement to the psychological practices of Alfred Adler. He believed that we see things as we are, rather than how they actually are.  Our therapy process is about becoming aware of our perceptions – the ways our thoughts and feelings shape how we perceive our life – the challenges, the opportunities, as well as our strengths and abilities to live fully.  As we learn to live moment by moment, we often discover that we have the skill, courage and resilience to move through our current challenges.  It also supports our work in therapy, as our mindfulness practice helps us to grow in acceptance of life, compassion for ourselves and joy of feeling the richness of our life.   



Shannon Balla