Making Mind-Body-Spirit connections - Winter solstice yoga event

I am the Light of My Soul - Winter Solstice
with Susan Prosser and Kathryn Zettel
December 9th, 12pm-2pm

One of the core themes of Alfred Adler's work is holism. Our healing comes when we see our concerns in the context of our whole life and our entire, integrated well-being. Yoga means union.  When we practice yoga, we allow ourselves to shift our focus beyond our "issue" to being present to what is happening within our mind, body and spirit.  Yoga helps to connect mind, body and spirit - to feel more whole and to see "issues" from a more resourceful place.  Yoga can also help us to feel more connected with others - we breathe and move together - our sense of who we are expands and we feel a part of humanity.  It encourages us in the moment to be aware of the social embeddedness of our present reality.  We feel more empowered to handle the challenges life is offering to us.  

Shannon Balla