Kathryn Zettel, M.A., M.Ed., C.C.C., R.P. 

Everyone experiences stressors in their life.  We can feel like there is “too much” going on and we can be overwhelmed. Sometime we can handle these stressors on our own and sometimes we need help. 

As a client coming to see me you can expect to be welcomed to an accepting, compassionate and warm environment. I will walk with you on your journey through your challenges to wholeness with respect and honor while giving witness to your experience (acknowledge, validate). As your therapist, I offer you my presence and the best approaches from traditional wisdom and contemporary research I know - appropriate to you.   

I enjoy working with individuals and couples.   

Clients seek help in therapy for a variety of reasons including anxiety, depression, loss, grief, anger, low esteem, relationship distress, live transitions, workplace stressors, burnout, compassion fatigue. I take the approach that all the challenges in our life are to bring us to wholeness.  We struggle to find meaning, peace and joy in the present moment while shadows from the past or challenges of the future often intensify the difficulty of the situation. The therapeutic process is about helping you to learn skills that increase awareness of all your resources - mind, body, spirit, community – in order to create growth and movement in life.

My approach to working with couples is to explore where they are on their journey as a couple and as individuals. The focus is on helping individuals work as partners to connect, understand each others’ limitations and help each other to grow. Often couples benefit from learning skills of communication, intimacy, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

I use a variety of approaches within an Adlerian psychological frame of reference including mindfulness based therapies, compassion focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion focused therapy and existential therapy. 

My background and education

I have a Masters of Arts degree in Counselling and Spirituality and a Master of Education degree in Adult Education. My studies focused on how spirituality and mindfulness complement psychology in assisting clients to grow to fullness. I explored how the body, mind and spirit are all resources to our health and well being. As a therapist, in recent years, I have received specialized training in mindfulness based stress reduction, compassion fatigue, mindfulness and self-compassion, mindfulness based addiction recovery, trauma, stress and resilience, dealing with loss and transformative mindfulness.

Prior to my work as a therapist, I earned a Masters of Education degree in Adult Education.  As a workplace change and management consultant, I trained and coached executives, managers and employees to develop skills to better deal with the personal and professional challenges of everyday life. Issues of diversity (such as gender, race) were an important part of my consulting work; this awareness of systemic, cultural and individual barriers to individual fulfillment has greatly informed my sensitivity and skills as a therapist.

Affiliations and Going Forward

My approach extends broadly and deeply to reach a wide range of clients. As a therapist in 2017, I believe it is important to focus on the exciting new developments in psychotherapy, traditional wisdom and on the evolving pulse of the universe. I am committed to keeping myself up to date by independent reading and attending conferences, and workshops. I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. My regular practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga, allow me to be enriched with wisdom from traditional teachings. As a Registered Kundalini Yoga Instructor, I enjoy teaching classes on healing emotions through yoga.  I also teach marriage preparation courses within the City of Ottawa and volunteer at a local housing shelter for women.